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Assistant Producer, 2016-2022

The Dance Oral History Project actively documents the lives and legacies of dance artists through the initiation and recording of in-depth oral history interviews. These unedited testimonies bring to life the personalities, creative process, and relationships that shape the course of dance history.

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Co-Director, 2019-Present

The Community Library of Voice and Sound aims to preserve the widest possible range of experiences in the Hudson area, to document the communities’ complex history in the words and voices of its participants.

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Oral History Manager, 2020-Present

Our Steps, Our Story: An Irish Dance Legacy Archive is a living archive, collecting video and aural material, recreating set dances dating as far back as the late 1940’s and recording interviews with the voices of the world of Irish dance.

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Consultant and Transcriptionist, 2023-Present

An archive of interviews that document the history of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

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Archivist, 2020-2022

The Education Narratives Project (ENP) documents the experiences of educators in the age of COVID-19. The effort compiles and curates a multivocal narrative and supports educators who have been tasked with radically shifting their practices throughout the pandemic.

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